Friday, March 7, 2014

Centralna Postaja, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Centralna Postaja - "Centralna Postaja, aka ‘central station’, brings a bit of big city style to Ljubljana - with its trendy pared back décor and hip vibe you may feel like you’re in London or New York. Designed as an all-day hangout Centralna has affordable offerings from morning to late including all-you-can-eat breakfasts (only €2.50!) and international classics: pastas, pizzas and some of Ljubljana’s best burgers (or sliders actually). At night the place turns into a full-on lounge bar, with house DJs often providing the soundtrack." by InYourPocket

Denis Petrovčič - architect, Shambala co-founder, entrepreneur, skipper | Ljubljana native, lived his early 10 years in Italy, grandchild of Matej Bor, not directly related to Vida Petrovčič | his Ski Towers project started with Slovene Business Alliance (SBA) and trip to Azerbaijan and alter to Shanghai | sailed with father from Izola to Gibraltar and after Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) joined him again in Caribbean | with sister starting up, BNI-like cross loyalty program | will run half-marathon soon and a while ago finished one of Dan Brown's book | with no limitations he would invest in and systematically fix tourism in Slovenia, while opening up "v hrib obrnjene" people.


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