Friday, August 9, 2013

Zlata Ladjica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zlata Ladjica - "The 'Golden Ship' has lots of vaulted ceilings, pictures of sailing ships, rigging, sails and a DJ booth inside a wooden barrel, the rum selection is surprisingly lacking in variety and there’s not a sailor in sight, but it beats the lacklustre banality of most Irish pubs any day of the week. As well as the main bar area there are also a couple of smaller rooms for more intimate moments, and one of central Ljubljana's biggest terraces. There's often €3 drink specials at the weekend - check the signs outside for what's on offer." - by InYourPocket

Urška Zorman - FDV student with a wide extra curriculum | grew up in Slavina pri Postojni, farm girl, village known for their chapel, 5th August local celebration and Martin Krpan's Sv.Trojica statue in the church | she first tried chemistry study, but really wanted Defence Studies, including boot camp drills and beating by hail among others | upcoming intern-ship in detective agency and at Red Cross doing first aid training | used to play organ - weddings, funerals and also Cankarjev Dom | reads Firemen's Manual | former Scouts member, big in cooking, TEDx organizer, interested in therapeutic post-trauma psychology | visited SF, San Diego (USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum) and Las Vegas (did Stratosphere Sky Jump) as a gift, while diving is still on to-do list | one day she will do consulting in anonymous psychological centres and help everybody in ways that she did not received when needed.

Sanja Škorić - EF student, sales administrator and volunteer | Grosuplje native, neighbour of Janja Zupan and Matjaž Javšnik | Serbian Bosnian hard working parents - father role model | worked in a construction company, about to finish EF | avid surfer, will do it in Lisbon soon | has a brother and a particular knack for winning prize games - Neastea travel ticket to Sydney among latest | sharks and Germans - don't ask me | reading 50 Shades of Gray, TEDxLjubljana member, getting serious in photography with Nikon like Arne Hodalič and will do Humans of New York, but in Ljubljana | one day she will live and work like Kimi Werner - the Patagonia Ambassador - with five kids running on sandy beaches.

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