Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Čompa, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Čompa - small place on Trubarjeva, but highly thought of by connoisseurs. Famous for open bar side grill. Serving also craft beer - brewed by Gostilna Ulčar's Veljko Bravničar, who also attends Bi-Ko-Fe concerts with his daughter and knows Dario Cortese's mobile number (rare oddity).

Iva Gruden - journalist, Food Sherpa and lots of other things | born and raised in Ljubljana, calling Vancouver her second home - where she also caught a bit of Gorenjska accent while staying there with friend Helena | not related to Igo Gruden | Ljubljananjam founder and excellent food-walker | worked for Nedelo, Delo, Dnevnik and Vancouver Observer - among others | will organize beer festival during EuroBasket in Ljubljana | loved to work on Odprta kuhinja which is not even slightly related to Odprta Kuhna | gave talks at Shappa gatherings, digs sesame, loved Rio Brazilian Steakhouse in Vancouver | her december birthday is unfortunately not convenient for picnic parties | reads Murakami and absolutely loved Dance, Dance, Dance and will devour Wild Sheep Chase next | one day she will take Botrstvo to a whole new level, buy Slovenian Railway and fix it - while providing proper equipment and financing to fire fighters.


krigl said...

I know this place!

Blaarp said...

A friend of mine and his wife originally started this place, and their original offer of food was hot-air baked potatoes with various sauces. I see the new owners have expanded the offers. Not sure if I'm a fan of that.