Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Piramida - Celovška, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Piramida - one of the longest standing pizza places next to Tivoli park in Ljubljana. Friendly service, pizza variety, convenient location and parking.

Marko Bauman - Product Manager at Intera, born in Ptuj, raised in Lovrenc na Dravskem polju, FERI Telco graduate and about to finish MSc there, too, triathlon career fading due to time constraints - little daughter being one of the reasons - now focused on marathons only, about to lunch CRMTrendi blog, wrote about long cycling trips on Nabiciklu.Wordpress, reading Trdobojec about Dejan Zavec by Esad Babačič, avidly following Slovenian sports and Slovenian NBA players in particular and will one day do the real Hawaiian Iron Man while remaining a trusted advisor in CRM field.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Restavracija Lev, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Restavracija Pri Levu - where chef is also a blogger. Nice and quiet ambient. Exclusive emptiness.

Matej Golob Matzele - Executive director at PDP, born in Ptuj, father Jani wrote Prisluhni školjki among other hits, brother Rok fully exploiting musical family roots and taking it to next level, while he departed  into financial and investment side of life though he also played in Pink Panter and Boogie bands, EF  graduate, worked for Bank Austria and Poteza, has a large iTunes music collection, likes watching Top Gear , reads Private Equity Valuation combined with latest Harry Potter and will one day travel the world, while composing music - probably with his daughter who already created her first song in Garageband.

Monday, December 19, 2011

GP Trojane, Trojane, Slovenia

GP Trojane - before the highway was built, this was a must-have-donut-stop on the way to and from Štajerska. Nowadays it calls for a detour. A delicious one, nonetheless.

Marko Raičević - Expert advisor and development team leader at Abanka, about to move on, Grosuplje native, Montenegro father roots, great-great-grandpa was decorated by King Nicholas I, FRI graduate, just about to finish FOV MSc, started at Abanka as Delphi developer, worked also for Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, basketball player and body-pumper, loves early and late seasons at Adriatic sea, reading Lindstrom's Brandwashed, engaged in Ypsilon education project, working to install wind-power on family estate in Montenegro and will one day help people drive ideas to realization by finding finance and connections, while keeping focus on youth and children in need. Youthpreneurship.

M Hotel, Ljubljana, Slovenia

M Hotel - "Five minutes out of the centre on the road to Bled, this fine, modern business class hotel comes with over 150 well appointed rooms, all with cable television, en suite bathrooms, free wireless internet access and 40 extra-length beds for those who need it. Excellent value for what you get, extras include restaurant, summer terrace, car rental and a hairdresser." - by InYourPocket Ljubljana

Mitja Pirc - Manager at A.T. Kearney, Brežice native, MSc at Stockholm School of Economics with active alumni, PhD at Pompeu Fabra Barcelona in consumer behaviour, decision making and pricing mentored by Robin Hogarth, author of Educating Intuition, was briefly in mobile/SMS business, worked for SAS, parallel reader with one of the books open being Maister's Managing The Professional Service Firm, recently attended Lindstrom session in Mons and will one day have one foot in academia, lecturing on behavioural economics like Ariely, Taylor and Khaneman, and one foot in management consulting, not unlike  Shlomo Benartzi, recently appointed CBE at Allianz.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Makalonca, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Makalonca - "After several years hiatus, and several months of renovations, Makalonca reopened in September 2009 with much fanfare - and deservedly so, as it occupies one of the coolest locations in the Ljubljana. Located below street level along the Hribar Quay, it offers a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere than can be found at the strip of bars and cafés on the Ljubljanica's opposite bank (or at least on nights when they forego the electronic music)."  by InYourPocket Ljubljana

Nejc KlopčičBusiness development manager at Dassault Systemes, Logatec native now lives in Ljubljana center and likes it a lot, not related to screenwriter Matjaž Klopčič, FS and Cotrugli MBA graduate, as student worked for Tobačna - remembers Marko Raubar, was also swimming instructor and worked for Hella after Toni, newly wed with honey moon in Phuket and Hong Kong, avid fitness goer, cross-country skier and golfer, reading Watkins' The First 90 Days and recently finished Hunger Games and will one day reignite his creative side and develop breathtakingly designed products.

Save the turtles. Phuket style.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stara Pumpa, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Stara Pumpa - old gas station turned grill joint, online always not to be found, but on Oust.me, recommended, deservingly so. No frills, just grills.

Mitja Mavsar - Head of UX at D.Labs, guest blogger at Delo and passing the knowledge as lecturer at Middlesex's IAM MPM, roots in Ivančna Gorica, lives in Trebnje, FDV graduate, landed his first job inviting potential employers to interviews, a beekeeper and dog walker, all his own, reading Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love  and will one day, without limitations, pour unlimited amounts of money into interesting tech startups, creating an awesome incubator (like Y Combinator, just better) to find/raise/identify top geniuses, hard-working teams who can form a totally new breed of highly productive world-changing products and would mostly support internet-connected smart devices that will help preserve environment, increase personal happiness and help mankind colonize the universe. Ta-da!

Locavores' delight. Trunk-full of home produce. Commerce ready and tax free.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vozi Miško, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vozi Miško - with a strong sense of Yugoslav nostalgia, located in Mercator shopping centre, inspired by Ko to tamo pjeva, 1980 Yugoslav comedy movie. Recommended. Not only for the old times sake.

Herbert Paar - System Engineer and CTO at KidComm and prolific developer, born and raised in Maribor, moved around for work a lot: Vienna, Graz, New York City, Dallas/Fort Worth, finalist at iTime 2011 competition, ran WideLabs kodierschweinchenfarm, worked at apc interactive solutions AG, a Philips joint venture, GlobalComm, Atos Origin and Roche Diagnostics, working on QPortal, golf player, reading Accelerando, a Stross' book on Singularity and will one day deploy a working solution for automated behavior pattern recognition. Just in time for singularity. 

The original Sarajevo coffee serving. With all the details and perks. A must have.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dobra Hiša, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dobra Hiša - a recent, very welcome addition to Stegne Business Area in Ljubljana. Stylish, quick serving, no frills. Recommended, especially for busy bees.

Toni Kolenc - business owner and manager at Furnitura, running SalonPohistva.si webshop, born and raised in Ljubljana, Dolenjska roots, FOV graduate, one final thesis away from Masters degree, worked at Genis and 3K-IT, created and sold Si.Toy company, when younger also made some money making decorative olive branches, proud father of two daughters, basketball player, preparing for amateur skiing competition league, reading The Book Of Five Rings, about to finish his new house and will continue to pursue his destiny of serial entrepreneurship. Professional competition.

In some other place, in some other-other time.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hong Kong 2, Komenda, Slovenia

Hong Kong 2 - pretty big and nice Chinese place in Moste pri Komendi. Can serve big groups, food is very good and if you're going somewhere near there, it's worth a visit. It belongs to a chain of Chinese restaurants run by a same Chinese group.

Matevž Kregar - tech support team member for medical systems at Interexport, born and raised in Ljubljana, recently married, related to Rado Kregar - the architect, graduated IAM MPM in cooperation with Middlesex University, worked at iStore and Telekom, all family members are Apple fans, does not eat fish nor any other sea products, likes to cook, a lot, with her newly wed, recently received original KitchenAid, watches series and cooking shows such as Good Eats on watch-series.eu, does not read, started running in addition to regular Šmarna gora hikes, without limits he would be part of a global UX team making everyday experiences a whole lot better - not just apps. Influenced also by Mitja Mavsar recent lecture in Kiberpipa.