Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Na Brinju, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Na Brinju - "One of the capital's best known traditional Slovene restaurants, little has changed at this Ljubljana mainstay for well over half a century. Now in the third generation of the Marinčič family, Brinje has managed to maintain the air of an unassuming neighbourhood diner despite its popularity and clientele (many of the country's top power-brokers are regulars). Of course it helps to have had the same furniture for 50 years and the same cook for almost as long. The menu is quite extensive and changes seasonally, but year-round the house specialty remains obscenely large portions of high quality meat, followed by Solnograški žličniki - a one-of-a-kind dessert invented by the family matron." - by In Your Pocket Ljubljana

Matej Golob - photographer and photo blogger, born and raised in Ravne na Koroškem, graduated at VSŠR and now studying photography at VIST, worked briefly in Železarne Ravne, was saving and sold car to study in Ljubljana, long distance biker, around Slovenia in 11 days, biked through PL, CZ, SK and HU, recently returned from travel in India, reading The Art of Happiness and will one day change the mindset of masses to non-violent and fair society. Aum.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Valmarin, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Valmarin - "Venture into the oldest part of the old town to discover what is arguably the best seafood restaurant in Ljubljana. There's a lot to like about this charming family-run place, from the home-made bread and olive oil to the excellent service and selection of wines from smaller Slovene vineyards. However, it's the food that will have you recommending it to your friends the next day. Prizing quality, freshness and simplicity, ingredients are all sourced from small local producers, and the seafood is supplied daily by the restaurant's own two fishing boats in Koper. Definitely worth finding!" - by In Your Pocket Ljubljana

Kiki Omrzel - artist, professor, illustrator communicator, one of the most connected Slovenians on Linkedin, born in Bačka Palanka with roots from Montenegro, Slovenia, Germany and Ukraine, grew up in Novo Mesto, does not like Dolenjščina, has a bit of old Ljubljana accent from her grandma, Linkedin connectivity was a project, reading Ender's Game, is exploring life and will one day get deeper in advanced research while remaining an artist. Anything is allowed and one can be whatever in art.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pri Poku, Brezovica, Slovenia

Pri Poku - "Serving travellers on the main road from Vienna to Trieste since the late 18th century, Pri Poku is one of the most storied accommodation options in or around Ljubljana - legend has it that Napoleon Bonaparte even spent the night here whilst visiting his recently acquired Illyrian provinces. While recent years have seen the place completely renovated and brought up to modern standards, the cosy rooms maintain a timeless traditional quality, and the premises also include a small conference centre, restaurant and wine cellar." - by In Your Pocket Ljubljana

Stane Moškon - Partner at OSIR, establishing member of Nuclear Power Generation Special Interest Group, one of the most connected Slovenians on Linkedin, Vrhnika native, AmCham Slovenia member, avid sailor, big game and deep sea fishing lover - soon to enjoy it in Maldives, mountaineer - at least 10 x over 2000m per year, discovered adventure travel with PZS, before arrival of Shappa like tours and will one day return soul and give new face to an old house near Vipava - while keeping strong ties with Nuclear community. Radiating peace. 

They sure do have a selection. Kudos to Pernod Ricard ex-Alied Domecq. Henry's team's legacy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Element, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Element - was here before, will come again. Still recommended. Especially on sunny autumn days with chill out music on the terrace.

Igor Košir - CEO at Smart Com, the communications solutions company, born and raised in Gorica, MBA Radovljica graduate, worked for Collegium and Schneider Electric before Jože came on board, almost moved to Barcelona, two children, used to travel a lot before they arrived, NYC, California, Hawaii, Malawi, Tanzania, in Kenia robbed by Police, Thailand, now enjoys camping in Bale, is always on the lookout and knows good hidden restaurants, is reading Zero Base Pricing, mountain biker and skier like a true Slovenian, was KGŠ president once and will one day invest all his talent and energy in water management and treatment. Crystal clear. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Restavracija Lev, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Restavracija Lev - top location, top hotel, top restaurant. With a blog talking about it.

Sanja Pahernik - a well known personal trainer and becoming a big nutritional expert starting with ISSA licence, Ljubljana native with not many with same last name, lived in Mallorca for a while, started her sports career in primary school with rhythmic gymnastics at Športno društvo Moste, later also at Kettlebells club, prefers functional training with body weight and free weights, sissy squat is good for upper front thighs, is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese partly due to Nacao Capoeira group, runs Maxxfit in cooperation with Gašper Grom's from MaXXimum brand, also used to be web developer, recently did 6 hour spinning marathon, is reading Laurie Ashner's book of too much love and would without limitation stay the course while sticking to her tattooed motto.

Even the spoons get special treatment at Lev restaurant. Plates never felt so cosy and green.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kavalino, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kavalino - "Hidden in a sloping cobblestone alleyway between Trubarjeva and the river, this quaint Italian restaurant specializes in Tuscan food. The first thing you see upon entering is a tasteful dining area with an indoor tree in the corner that rises up to a skylight. Further back there's a smaller dining area under a vaulted brick ceiling, and upstairs is a café. The service might not be the friendliest, but at least it’s efficient, and the varied and tasty lunch specials are downright cheap." - by In Your Pocket Ljubljana

Nina Irt - PR lady at AmCham Slovenia, lives in Kamnik, roots in Metlika, part of her wider family is in Jordan, she visited Amman and Aqaba several times, worked for Porsche Slovenija, Amrop, TV Paprika and Stane Grah's TV Pika where she had her own show Sanjska Poroka, working on Gozdna Učna Pot, reading Brian Greene and Stephen Hawking and will one day devote her energy into renewable resources and kids awareness about importance of nature, local food sourcing and medicine alternatives. A big package for a big person.