Monday, December 19, 2011

M Hotel, Ljubljana, Slovenia

M Hotel - "Five minutes out of the centre on the road to Bled, this fine, modern business class hotel comes with over 150 well appointed rooms, all with cable television, en suite bathrooms, free wireless internet access and 40 extra-length beds for those who need it. Excellent value for what you get, extras include restaurant, summer terrace, car rental and a hairdresser." - by InYourPocket Ljubljana

Mitja Pirc - Manager at A.T. Kearney, Brežice native, MSc at Stockholm School of Economics with active alumni, PhD at Pompeu Fabra Barcelona in consumer behaviour, decision making and pricing mentored by Robin Hogarth, author of Educating Intuition, was briefly in mobile/SMS business, worked for SAS, parallel reader with one of the books open being Maister's Managing The Professional Service Firm, recently attended Lindstrom session in Mons and will one day have one foot in academia, lecturing on behavioural economics like Ariely, Taylor and Khaneman, and one foot in management consulting, not unlike  Shlomo Benartzi, recently appointed CBE at Allianz.

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