Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bangkokstreet, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bangkokstreet - one of many places in food court of Citypark shopping centre. Destined to constant flow of potenital clients, but also a lot of competition close by. They try hard and deserve a visit or two. Shopping optional. InYourPocket Ljubljana describes it like this: "Settle into a table with views of an artfully-lit perforated metal structure just beyond the ceiling-high windows at the back of this stylish new eatery, and you just might be able to forget that you're staring at the façade of a parking garage from a shopping mall. While the food won't have you sprinting to the nearest telephone to call home and sing its praises, it's better than you might expect given the location and you'll be hard-pressed to find better value in terms of ethnic food - the portions are huge and there's also a relatively inexpensive all-you-can-eat buffet."

Staša Podgoršek - Small Business Manager at Microsoft, grew up in Mengeš, top grades and Zois grant winner, graduated at FDV in international relations, finished Cotrugli MBA, started as a hostess, climbed to sales management, worked as JEF volunteer, TEDx organizer, AmCham YP member, very experienced backpacker with Ghana, Togo, Nagorno- Karabakh and 43 other countries behind her, volley ball player and maniacal sushi maker since her trip to Japan. Without limits she would create Podgorsek Foundation, mimicking Gates Foundation and they would divide the market: you take polio, I take malaria. Done deal.

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