Monday, August 30, 2010

BarCode, Istiklal, Istanbul, Turkey

BarCode, right next to very popular and hugely crowded Istiklal Avenue near Taksim. Not too common combination of beer and shisha place.

Marijan Jurinjak - WebSphere sales for IBM Croatia, Czech origin (Jirinek), lives in Karlovac, grew up in Duga Resa, worked for Etna, before joining Big Blue, likes combination of cigarettes and shisha, reads Alen Bovic's Metastaze, just moved to his new house, very much enjoyed vacation in Komiža, used to be a DJ and will one day restore old cars. From BPM to BPM :)

I have a very long and cold one. Dondurma.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rio Momo, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Rio Momo - New and improved legendary Rio (ex fast food) on Slovenska. Under Portal imperium (Momo Group). Recommended. The whole group.

Boštjan Pečan - Systems Sales at IBM Slovenia, Ljubljana native, successful track at Repro, Repro MS, Avtera and Birotehna before jumping on Blue wagon. Enjoying his brand new Clarity Beyond Reality, two kids 12&17, Iztok's brother in-law, early Facebook adopter - all the way back in 2005, Guča (50 years anniversary) attendee - as an event in a series of yearly momačko sporting events - any similarity with The Hangover purely accidental. Recently re-read Alan Ford and regularly devours National Geographic.

From online to real world and back online. Oily system.

And that's why it works.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Juicebox, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Juicebox - no pills in this box, yet full of vitamins. We want more. Recommended. By doctors, too.

Simona Škafar - advertising agency worker from a proud working class family, grew up just outside Ljubljana under Debni vrh and is not tied to the capital, worked for Premiera and Mediana, really likes to perform surveys, also likes TV Slovenia and is following their production regularly on web, likes ironing and her dog (Smile ambassador), too. Was part of PGD Sostro, very avid mountaineer - biggest contributor to Slovenia350, does not run yet and prefers Hesse's Steppenwolf over Gibran's Prophet. One day she will be active in tourism and organic catering. Organicbox-to-be.

David Morales Marascales did a good vibe!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mirje, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mirje - students appreciate Italian cusine. Spotted by locals. Recommended.

Jasmina Golob - product manager in hardware maintenance department at IBM in CEE region, Slovenska Bistrica native with strong Štajerska (Lower Styria) detection and bonding instinct - 10 years in Ljubljana did not erase it, after finishing FDV she decided for IBM over EU intern-ship in Brussels, almost finished EF M.Sc. and just finishing Cotrugli MBA where she was scholarship finalist. Part of AmCham Young Professionals, reading Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love, founder of a book club Bralne Vile, loves to dance and did folklore dance a while ago. Given new opportunity with ample funding, she would devote her energy to making couples last longer, doling out the right relationship nurturing recipes. Noble, if not impossible, venture. It should last. Longer.

Summer shade. Street noise. One plus, one minus.