Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Šaran, Zemun, Beograd, Serbia

Šaran - a nice restaurant in Zemun part of Belgrade, known by the transplant-locals (Gregor) for good fish dishes. Live music and waiter attitude when you complicate over wine - are both included in price. Recommended.

Gregor Irt - representative of ZZI in Belgrade, resembling a computer genius. Grew up in Slovenia, now lives in Belgrade with wife Sladjana and their two kids. Studied at FMF and later switched to graduate at FRI. Worked also for Ixtlan and usually gets down to the very basics of all the technologies he chooses to pursue. Java and web being some of the strongest points, lately he hacked a Facebook application - getting dangerously close to the renown Kaminsky DNS hack. Does a lot of re-reading, recently Hesse's Steppenwolf. An intriguing person to know and hang around with.

Fish broth - full of taste and full of fish bones. It's a give and take.

A fridge-turned-shelf in Supermarket - one of the coolest new places in Belgrade. Undefinable. Explained by Nadlanu.com and City Magazine.

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