Monday, August 6, 2007

PST, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Change Management. We were supposed to go on a Blog lunch in Stara Ljubljana. Change of plans. Now we were supposed to go for a Blog drink at Laguna Resort in Ljubljana.

Change of plans again. Now we were supposed to go on a Blog run at PST (The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship), a very good, long walking/jogging track around Ljubljana. Change of plans again. We ended up eating private BBQ dinner and drinking beer. After all, not bad at all.

(Tomaž) Tomaz Stubelj - working at Novartis LSC (IT) department, making sure that SLA contracts are in place for their regional Lek service users, while also engaging in investment opportunities that will make his later life more enjoyable. Born and raised in Gorica, now lives in Ljubljana. He is related to Slovenian actress Stefka Drolc. FE B.Sc., EF M.Sc. While he had several student jobs - from Petrol gas station boy, cutting meat at MIP and being a tourist guide for Collegium - one of the most interesting was vallet parking at HIT in Gorica - they got to drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris to a distant parking lot and back - full speed, of course :) When he got serious he worked at Spica, IBM, SRC.SI and now Novartis. He likes traveling, snowboarding, tried golf, was training judo for 8 years (one of the best lessons is to know how to fall properly, which servers him now also with football), mountain biking, running and seayaking (kayak for open seas - Mambo Sit On Canoe). One of the last unfinished books he is stil supposed to be reading is Mavericks at work. He also recommends Hello Laziness. He generally likes horror movies, but was a little shocked by Saw III. Given loads of money he would invest into space travel, aiming at making teleporting possible. Playing with and finishing the idea of going on a prolonged (at least 6 months) travel around the world.

PST - 33 km long walking/jogging track around Ljubljana runs along the course of the barb wire fence which surrounded Ljubljana during World War II (from 1942 onwards), when the Italian and later German occupying forces tried to prevent contacts between the city and its hinterland.

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