Friday, March 21, 2014

Odprta kuhna, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Odprta kuhna - "Every Friday from March to October this year Pogačarjev Trg in Ljubljana's old town will be transformed into one large 'open kitchen' featuring the mouthwatering culinary creations of many of Slovenia's top restaurants, as well as a diverse selection of tourist farms, local food and beverage vendors and even individual chefs. The irresistible sights, smells and tastes will be accompanied by the festive sounds of various musical and other performances making for a lively atmosphere that's not to be missed. The event is also a truly 'open' affair, so if you've always fancied yourself a master in the kitchen then this is the perfect opportunity to try to hand at cooking next to Slovenia's best - contact the organisers to find out how you can participate. A full list of all current participants can be found on the official website, but be warned that after viewing the names and the photos it will be impossible to stay away from Pogačarjev Trg on Fridays this summer!" by InYourPocket

 Displaying Odprta kuhna  - Simila...
Martin Žorž - Startup Hustler, born and raised in Lubljana with French-Czech-German, David Sluga's step brother | grandma had 9 brothers and sisters who all achieved university degrees | was part of FELU Alumni restart push, part of EF Summer School growth push - particularly in extra curriculum social sphere | works for Playme.FM, used to work for Conference Online in biz dev | was ski instructor together with Denis, for a while also in Australia and was part of the DEMO team | Loves Tennis, meeting new and interesting people, reads Chomsky's Profit Over People | travels a lot, used to be manager to DJs Mayonesse, started DFTBA movement and will one day invest tons of money into startups - maybe starting with Kiva first small steps.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Badovinac, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Badovinac - a small fast food place located in vicinity of several faculties, thus serving mostly students. Neat, predictable, nothing special. Will not hurt if you happen to be around and hungry.

Vesna Velišček - founder of Slocally - local-experience service provider | grew up in Plave, close to Italy, not related to Nadja Velušček, worked in EVS network in Macedonia and also learned Macedonian | History and Sociology of culture graduate, currently reading The complete book of herbs | was volunteering in Wales, served as volunteer placement officer, placed there by a placement officer | travels a lot surfs and hosts Couchsurfers | Cuban salsa dancer, photographer and loves picking herbs - which is also a part of Slocally | one dy she will build ranches to accommodate weekend camps, not unlike Woodlands, including crowd-sourced-estate-building similar to what Kristjan Zver and Nara Petrovič talked about. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luna, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Luna - "Located in one of the more peculiar buildings in the city, a small cylindrical structure in Bežigrad, the aptly named Luna is equal parts café and lunchtime eatery. Every day between 11:00 and 16:00 they offer and assortment of generally light and healthy dishes à la carte, as well as several daily set menus, which includes a trip to the salad bar. At other times it's a pleasant enough café with lots of room to unwind on the terrace outside." by InYourPocket

Nina Babnik - EF IMB MBA student emanating from the oldest farm still existing in Ljubljana | Not related to Babnik Brothers, who have a street named after them, but internet does not know who they were | father's name was Valentin but again not related to Valentin Vodnik, who was born not far from their farm | there is another Nina Babnik nicknamed drolja | IMB constitutes of a very international team with almost unavoidable clashes due to cultural differences | FDV graduate, worked for Sparkasse during study to get a feeling what's really happening in real life | squeezed 3 years of undergraduate EF into 1 month while preparing for IMB | travels a lot, especially countries with lower income levels like Macedonia where friendliness really comes out strong | currently reading financial management and likes Global magazine | recommends Nejc Gazvoda's Izlet and Dvojina movies and will one day turn into ultra connector between surplus haves and needing have nots - not unlike Kiva.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Centralna Postaja, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Centralna Postaja - "Centralna Postaja, aka ‘central station’, brings a bit of big city style to Ljubljana - with its trendy pared back décor and hip vibe you may feel like you’re in London or New York. Designed as an all-day hangout Centralna has affordable offerings from morning to late including all-you-can-eat breakfasts (only €2.50!) and international classics: pastas, pizzas and some of Ljubljana’s best burgers (or sliders actually). At night the place turns into a full-on lounge bar, with house DJs often providing the soundtrack." by InYourPocket

Denis Petrovčič - architect, Shambala co-founder, entrepreneur, skipper | Ljubljana native, lived his early 10 years in Italy, grandchild of Matej Bor, not directly related to Vida Petrovčič | his Ski Towers project started with Slovene Business Alliance (SBA) and trip to Azerbaijan and alter to Shanghai | sailed with father from Izola to Gibraltar and after Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) joined him again in Caribbean | with sister starting up, BNI-like cross loyalty program | will run half-marathon soon and a while ago finished one of Dan Brown's book | with no limitations he would invest in and systematically fix tourism in Slovenia, while opening up "v hrib obrnjene" people.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Osmica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Osmica - "Located on the pedestrian street that runs parallel to Čopova, Osmica is essentially the pizza annex of the longer-running Allegria in the courtyard around the corner. The menu boasts over two dozen pizzas, and several choice of salad, lasagna and tortillas are also on offer in the comfortable rustic setting - think lots of wood and exposed stone with an open kitchen. We stop by for lunch or grab a pizza to go on the way home quite often, but if we were forced to choose a favourite it'd have to be the Tartufo, which comes heaped with prosciutto, salami, parmesan and of course truffle oil." - by InYourPocket

Aleksandar Marković - Serbian conductor, living in Vienna | just found out about TED at this lunch, where we were actually speaking in Serbian language, me being a diminishing minority of Slovenians who know how to | born and raised in Zemun, knows very well Šatrovački, just like Gregor, | not realted to most famous Marković, once prime minister of ex-Yugoslavia Ante | His father was Vlada from famous Vlada i Bajka band, Yugoslav answer to Simon and Garfunkel | in early 90's went to USA, intended to stay for a month and a half in music summer camp in North Carolina, then stayed on in Washington and Miamo, studied piano and returned to Vienna, drawn by German language, influenced by Wagner | Vienna was also a natural choice for conducting study, Music Director of Brno Philharmonic, prior to that also in Innsbruck | worked with Ana Šinkovec and Slovenian Philharmonic in 2004 | regularly switches from head to body by sport activities, aesthetics in general is of big importance, tennis on hold due to conducting inflammation, read book by David Deida: Finding God Through Sex | With infinite resources he would stay in music, but would be more selective and picky, maybe taking over Monaco Philharmonic or somewhere else on Mediterranean coast. With top world class plus also top candidates and talents in academia - not unlike Qatar, but location is of utmost importance, due to audience for which everything is done in the first place.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taverna Brajda, BTC, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Taverna Brajda - a rustic-ish place in the middle of shopping city BTC. Full of wood and business lunchees. Serving vegetarian burger and other delicacies. Try and see for yourself. 

Aleksander Brankov - Sales advisor at Mercuri International | just ordered bunch of books at - some of which featured on his GoodReads shelf - in recent batch there's Simon Sinek's Leaders Eat Last, accompanied by 45 min Vimeo clip | likes Spiritual Intelligent Quotient, just finishing it, loves Django and other Tarrantino makes | has roots in Macedonia, grandpa from Izbiste (from Biste) in Serbia where Macedonians settled people from Biste | EF almost graduate with EDHEC Nice Erasmus exhange, worked for Simobil, AIESEC and did IEDC Discover Management | ran his first half marathon with chip in pocket - how familiar :) | self proclaimed social geek, while assembling his PC ended up in ER, winter sport freak, boarding fan, last standing on skis in elementary school, Duolingo on pause, MOOC user, IE school Madrid doing Coursera critical perspectives on management, also RSAnimate and overall has issue with insatiable thirst for knowledge and curiosity | one day he will expedite knowledge and experience gathering and network to further improve entrepreneurial ecosystem in Slovenia and then improve values and fairness worldwide. A tall order.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Loving Hut, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Loving Hut - "The world's fastest growing (and perhaps only) international vegan fast food chain, Loving Hut has finally opened an outlet in the city centre two years after setting up a takeaway stand in Mestni Log. Located opposite the main bus and train station, stepping inside this oasis of peacefulness and serenity makes us feel healthier and more relaxed before we even order. Offering an assortment of vegan dishes, including a surprisingly delicious kebaps, burgers and Wiener schnitzel, Loving Hut is an attractive alternative to the usual fast food options found in these parts - even for non-vegans like us." - by InYourPocket

Ivana Florenica Oven - Founder of Čokoljana, an idea that started within EF Management Group, connected with Andraž Gavez | father Slovenian, mother Argentino-Italian, thus fluent in Spanish and Italian | came back from Argentina in second crisis wave in 2000 - first was 1991 | EF Entreprenership graduate, worked for Hugo Barrera (ex-Hvala Za Roze) in Gini's team, orgaized first Čokoladni dan in Ljubljana, started Greš na zajtrk FB group, works as a mentor at Ustvarjalnik high school entreprenership hub | vegan/veggie testing, a sharp turn from heavy argentino beef eater - and she was not ever in Argentino restaurant in Ljubljana | was drawing all her life until she moved to Ljubljana, loves travelling, was many, many times in Barca as her mother leaves there, enduring shopping pressure on Ryanair - turning flyers into products | takes special care of animals and used to collect signatures | one day she will devote to developing entrepreneurial spirit, especially in less developed countries and show them that limits are not what they are.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hofburg, Vienna, Austria

Hofburg, Imperial palace"The Hofburg’s rich history as the former imperial residence of the Habsburg Dynasty is the optimal location to present today’s mind-blowing innovations for tomorrow’s solutions."

Philipp Albrecht - born and raised in Freiburg, Germany in a musician family | tried Berin now lives in Vienna | most probably not related to Herzog Albrecht | tried Hagenberg Applied Science study then switched to full time Websafari entrepreneurship | with 12 years German ambassador to spaceship earth junior conference in Japan 2001, co-created Dreamerlab for Bestseller | just about to leave for Thailand for 7 weeks | finished The Lean Startup book and considers his work his hobby | one day he will fly to space with his family, keep connecting interesting people and ideas all over the world while keeping in balance his 5 roles: adventurer, friend, observer, artist and entrepreneur | also lost keys of his Vienna App, at least once

Monday, October 28, 2013

Social Club, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Social Club - "We eagerly await the opening of new cafés and bars hoping that they offer something different and interesting, and Social Club, located in Prule just south of the old town centre, doesn’t disappoint. In fact, we love what this unpretentious new venue is doing, from offering free-range egg breakfasts to delicious affordable seasonal lunches as well as serving super tasty snacks late into the evening. Social Club isn’t just about food, it also offers some of the best cocktails in town and plays chilled out tunes most nights of the week." -by InYourPocket

Andrej Urbanc - through EU project preparation and consulting helping mainly NGOs to survive, thrive and fulfil their raison d'etre | born and raised in Kranj, not related to Boris Urbanc the skittle champion | FDV graduate, co-founded Reflektor society, active in Marindolus with Gregor, worked for SCCA Metelkova | 
travels a lot and will do even more, reads 4-Hour Workweek, learned about Lean Startup through Podjetno v svet podjetništva | plays non-ice indoor hockey, writes poetry | one day he will make sure that everybody around him feels way better, by decreasing fear of fear (UTD) and increasing common sense mixed with enlightenment | will also test money free commerce - for one year, globally. Que sera, sera.

Monday, October 21, 2013

NTF, Ljubljana, Slovenia

NTF - not a restaurant, not a bar, but a fully fledged Faculty. Hosting EESTEC Ljubljana workshop.

Milica Jovičić - biting the forbidden fruit | born and raised in Novi Sad, strives to be the most famous Jovičić in history | EESTEC Novi Sad member and 3rd year FTN student | reading Madame Bovary and plays PC games such as Heroes 3 | playing with design, does not yet have a portfolio | one day she will make her family wine cellar Dumo a growing and recognized Serbian brand. Cheers!

EESTEC members had a once in a life time chance to watch bloglunch session unfold live on stage in front of them :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Morsko Mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Morsko Mesto - a small and simple Chinese restaurant beneath Mercator HQ on Dunajska Street. About to be sold to Croatians. Mercator, not Chinese.

Alenka Vrečko - raised in Lesce, grandfather ran Veriga company, not related to Flaška's Maks Vrečko. Legal adviser, graduated at PF Ljubljana, about to post grad at PF Maribor, initially wanted diplomacy | wokred in several law offices, BNI Svaruni member, part time JK Group consultant, about to board SLO-RUS commerce expedition | downhill MTB enthusiast, plays golf without HCP, did two tandem jumps, endirance runner, but solo | does not like to read to dissatisfaction of her mother Slavic teacher, played violin, finishing Eric Ries' Lean Startup and will one day fly in fighter jet after seeing Operas in Scala and in Sydney - with a handful of Broadway musicals thrown in for a good measure.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Univerza v Mariboru, Maribor, Slovenia

Univerza v Mariboru - University HQ, sometimes hosting interesting events and conferences. Such as Challenge Future Summit 2013 Youth Academy.

Jatin Kataria - grew up in Rajkot, Gujarat with Jatin meaning Saint | holds Oil and Gas MBA at PDPU, did Public sector corporate planning and now runs WE the alternate society, will soon start incubation centre with concept of "offering job of an entrepreneur" | co-founder of Parinday and Alumni Achievers | does meditation as Indian standard, immerses in self analysis, writing two books: Does word really understand youth and Innovation in corruption | reads local Indian version of 7 habits and will one day implement toll free 0800 service for all kinds of problems first in Rajkot, then in Gujarat, then India ...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

UFO, Ljubljana, Slovenia

UFO - no website, now FB site ... fresh approach though, friendly stuff, not yet franchise. Everything made on the spot. First time one needs to get used to, but they handhold you through the experience. Good weather helps. :)

Gregor Smolej - Product Manager at Iskratel | born and raised in Kranj, White Carniolian by soul | FE graduate, worked in quasi-spin off Innbox in Iskratel and will try Tourist Farm business in a not so distant future | has a son, co-founded Marindolus society, as an answer to "Tu pa tam"-like non-happening in Kranj | planning to organize an entrepreneurial camp, not unlike StartupWeekend, but longer and placed in nature | reading Simon Singh's The Code Book | will one day cancel the seeming perception of security of time-unlimited job contracts, erasing the too-comfort zone, possibly by some form of Basic Income solution.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Triglavski dom, Kredarica, Slovenia

Triglavski dom - biggest mountain hut in Slovenia, just below the highest peak in Slovenia. Crowded during summer, but can also accommodate a fully fledged TEDx event. Such as TEDxTriglav.

Eva Požar - grew up in Matenja Vas pri Postojni, | not related to Bojan Požar-eport | just about to finish FDV with NGO Management post-grad already in sight and SFU psychotherapy study on top of it | heading toward EAP - ECP | was a serious bowler a while ago | did WOOFing in Australia, gave her best time to Grace Villa girls in Uganda, valuable contributor to ŠSPRSS and TEDxUniversityofLjubljana organizer | had a 10-day Vipassana experience in India and will soon do another one in Croatia | will one day enable all volunteers to be sent to places where they are needed - for free - starting with Uganda, with ultimate goal being to not being needed any more. Ever. Anywhere.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pri Vitezu, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Pri Vitezu - "A long-time favourite of Ljubljana's gourmands, Pri Vitezu is rightfully considered amongst the city's best, and also manages to capture the true identity of the Slovene capital in both its ambience and cuisine - namely a complimentary amalgam of competing Austrian and Italian influences, wrapped in a quaint little package. Great value lunch specials, degustation menus, and other simple fare can be enjoyed on the terrace or in historical-style dining rooms, while a magnificent vaulted salon is reserved for à la carte meals from the focussed seasonal menu. The end result is an exceptionally homey dining experience right in the heart of the city centre, and a highly recommendable one at that." - by InYourPocket

Senta Frol - vascular neurologist at UKCLJ diagnostic department | grew up in Trbovlje, first name coming from tetralogy Senta that her mother read - main character also coincidently doctor - while Frol is an ancient slavic name | father worked for Radio Kum, but she always wanted to be a doctor | Collegium Medical staff, 6 years of neuro specialization, did Presernova assignment on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease | lectures at MF on disorder of conciousness, involved in tertiary project on new anti coagulant | presented at Stroke Summer school and writing  article for first Neurology congress | ballet dancer when younger, travels a lot, avid gourmet, regular theatre and concert goer, tango and salsa dancer | reads Mila Kačič | will one day devote herself to education and awareness for lowering stroke cases and invalid cases, also through support of TeleKap - one of the e-health mosaic stones waiting to materialize

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cutty Sark, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cutty Sark - "One of the most popular bars in the city and frequented by all manner of locals and expats, Cutty Sark provides two dark bars and a summer terrace, childish art on the walls, model ships and the world’s biggest chewing gum machine. Featuring a good selection of local and international beer, find it bursting with interesting specimens most evenings." - by InYourPocket

Borut Borštnik - CEO at Mladi Podjetnik | raised in Prilesje pri Velikih Laščah, not related to the great Ignacij Borstnik | looking for motivation to finish last 2 exams and thesis at FDV and would agree with comment about value of FDV with Andrej Černigoj, though Bologna reform is making it a bit more serious | does not approve recent appointment of Port of Koper CEO Gašpar Gašpar | worked for Vasja Vehovar on RIS project | started MP with Matej Merljak and others | regularly uses public transport in Ljubljana | plays football, used to run a lot when younger, now a lot less | party animal and concert goer: Shengen fest, Gigi D'Agostino, Robbie Williams, Rock Otočec | does karaoke with Boštjan Kofol | will move to seaside when he grows up | reads: Art of war, Lean Startup (second attempt) and Venture Deals | one day he will step in ownership of Slovene bluechips and fix them back to sustainable profitable growth.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tri Krasne, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tri Krasne - incognito place. Nice. Still being developed. A must try. Before, during or after storm. Of any kind.

Mikela Pečar - GM assitant at Infonet Media | father from Gropada, Italy, mother from Harije - where her roots truly are | grew up in Podgrad pri Ilirski bistrici | not related to Borut Pečar | loved her boarding school in Koper | returned from final high school trip in Mallorca right in the middle of war in 1991 |  studied journalism and French language, worked also for STA - 9 years in foreign service, Planet9 and - GM assistant and Infonet Deputy Editor | has a daughter, loves dancing, salsa in particular - almost danced for Mario Galunič dance team | entered competition at Borštnik festival in elementary school | is big on Bon Jovi - went to concert many years after falling for them in high school, also attended Sting, Rolling Stones, Tom Jones and Leonard Cohen concerts | will one day open a dance school, free for underprivileged, with top instructors.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TOZD, Ljubljana, Slovenia

TOZD - "A favourite destination for Ljubljana's cool crowd from seemingly the day it opened (if not even earlier), Tozd's carefully crafted interior boasts brick walls, red leather benches, original photography from contemporary Slovene artists, a number of fixed-gear bikes, and a bar designed to resemble a kitchen counter. There's also a large library of books (including many in English) to keep you busy on rainy days, whilst sampling gourmet coffee or something from the impressive wine list. On nice days take a seat outside under some giant trees along a quieter stretch of the Ljubljanica river." - by InYourPocket

Mojca Berce - Database Analyst at Tax-Fin-Lex | not related to Tim Berce | born and raised in Ljubljana | used to work for Zemanta and | loves human fish beer | recently became a big beer connoisseur | feels at home in Vienna and Korčula | reads Murakami's Norwegian Wood | will one day rekindle Kralji ulice and jump-start Kiberpipa 2.0

Human fish beer. The one and only.

Čompa, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Čompa - small place on Trubarjeva, but highly thought of by connoisseurs. Famous for open bar side grill. Serving also craft beer - brewed by Gostilna Ulčar's Veljko Bravničar, who also attends Bi-Ko-Fe concerts with his daughter and knows Dario Cortese's mobile number (rare oddity).

Iva Gruden - journalist, Food Sherpa and lots of other things | born and raised in Ljubljana, calling Vancouver her second home - where she also caught a bit of Gorenjska accent while staying there with friend Helena | not related to Igo Gruden | Ljubljananjam founder and excellent food-walker | worked for Nedelo, Delo, Dnevnik and Vancouver Observer - among others | will organize beer festival during EuroBasket in Ljubljana | loved to work on Odprta kuhinja which is not even slightly related to Odprta Kuhna | gave talks at Shappa gatherings, digs sesame, loved Rio Brazilian Steakhouse in Vancouver | her december birthday is unfortunately not convenient for picnic parties | reads Murakami and absolutely loved Dance, Dance, Dance and will devour Wild Sheep Chase next | one day she will take Botrstvo to a whole new level, buy Slovenian Railway and fix it - while providing proper equipment and financing to fire fighters.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Zlata Ladjica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zlata Ladjica - "The 'Golden Ship' has lots of vaulted ceilings, pictures of sailing ships, rigging, sails and a DJ booth inside a wooden barrel, the rum selection is surprisingly lacking in variety and there’s not a sailor in sight, but it beats the lacklustre banality of most Irish pubs any day of the week. As well as the main bar area there are also a couple of smaller rooms for more intimate moments, and one of central Ljubljana's biggest terraces. There's often €3 drink specials at the weekend - check the signs outside for what's on offer." - by InYourPocket

Urška Zorman - FDV student with a wide extra curriculum | grew up in Slavina pri Postojni, farm girl, village known for their chapel, 5th August local celebration and Martin Krpan's Sv.Trojica statue in the church | she first tried chemistry study, but really wanted Defence Studies, including boot camp drills and beating by hail among others | upcoming intern-ship in detective agency and at Red Cross doing first aid training | used to play organ - weddings, funerals and also Cankarjev Dom | reads Firemen's Manual | former Scouts member, big in cooking, TEDx organizer, interested in therapeutic post-trauma psychology | visited SF, San Diego (USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum) and Las Vegas (did Stratosphere Sky Jump) as a gift, while diving is still on to-do list | one day she will do consulting in anonymous psychological centres and help everybody in ways that she did not received when needed.

Sanja Škorić - EF student, sales administrator and volunteer | Grosuplje native, neighbour of Janja Zupan and Matjaž Javšnik | Serbian Bosnian hard working parents - father role model | worked in a construction company, about to finish EF | avid surfer, will do it in Lisbon soon | has a brother and a particular knack for winning prize games - Neastea travel ticket to Sydney among latest | sharks and Germans - don't ask me | reading 50 Shades of Gray, TEDxLjubljana member, getting serious in photography with Nikon like Arne Hodalič and will do Humans of New York, but in Ljubljana | one day she will live and work like Kimi Werner - the Patagonia Ambassador - with five kids running on sandy beaches.